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300mm x 60mm
Choose your own 
wording & colour

Regular profile sliding sign.

Size 300mm x 60mm

1 - Choose a frame colour: Silver or Black.

2 - Choose a sign panel colour: brushed aluminium, gold, black, white, grey, red, or green

3 - Then tell us what want the sign to say.

Can be attached to the outside of doors, walls, or windows.

Supplied with double sided tape on the back for easy mounting on any hard surfaces such as doors or walls.

 ** Please email our shop directly to purchase quantities of 5 or more of this item so that we can apply any discounts and work out the best delivery charges.

** Custom sign manufacturing times are typically around 2-3 working days.

** Additional fees may apply for logo's or extensive artwork setup.


We can manufacture sliding signs with any wording you require

Example of sign with Brushed Aluminium colour sign panels, in a black metal frame.

Sliding sign showing a First Aid Room is Vacant or IN Use

Example of sign with White sign panels and green text & graphic, in a silver metal frame.

Custom made sliding door sign

Example of sign with Grey sign panels and white text, in a black metal frame.

Aluminium coloured sliding sign for office doors

Example of sign with Brushed Aluminium colour sign panels, in a silver metal frame.

Gold colour Conference Room Sign

Example of sign with Gold coloured sign panels, in a silver metal frame.

Sliding sign with a mixture of coloured sign panels

Example of a sign with a mixture of coloured sign panels, in a black metal frame. Contact us for a quote.