Aluminium Photo Plaque

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* 2 sizes *

Black Aluminium Photo Plaque 

We can create a personalised layout to suit your requirements, which may include a photo, the pets name, dates and a short message. The details are engraved directly onto the metal plate creating a black & white image.

Professional photo editing and background cropping is included.

Choose the plaque size that fits best in your garden:
Small = 175mm x 95mm
Large = 210mm x 120mm

Very Important: We do require a good quality photo to produce these plaques. Photos must be in focus, taken in good even lighting, and with a minimum file size of 250 Kbytes in size. When looking for a photo to use we recommend that you use a full size computer screen rather than a small phone screen in order to better see the quality of the photo. We are not able to use photos that are out of focus, blurred, too dark, or too bright. If in doubt, email us the photo and we'll advise you of it's suitability. Also please make sure you send us the original full size file stored on your device and not a low resolution screen capture.

To place an order:
Please email us the details that you would like to include on the plaque. We'll then contact you to confirm the layout and total price. 

An artproof will be provided as part of the manufacturing process after we receive payment and start working on your order. We do not supply artwork prior to receiving payment.

* Price includes GST, engraving & regular Australia Post delivery within Australia only.
** Setup of logos or cleaning up low quality graphics images may incur additional artwork setup charges.