cylindrical engraving logo into stainless steel security bollard


Engraving = Permanent Marking

Whether your require personal, commercial or industrial engraving, Benchmark Engraving & Awards provides a reliable service with an emphasis on quality of finish for the work we produce. All of our engraving is done with high precision computer controlled engraving machines.

We can laser engrave, rotary engrave, or sandblast etch to permanently engrave or surface mark most materials, flat, round, and some odd shapes. Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Plastics, Glass, Granite, Acrylic, Timber, Traffolyte and much more...

Metal Engraving

Stainless Steel, mild steel, brass, or aluminium panels and components can be engraved or etched with optional paint fill to produce a variety of finishes.

Engraved stainless steel panel

Engraved stainless steel panel. The lettering is cut into the metal making it permanent.

Traditional engraved brass plaque with black paint filled lettering.

Traditional engraved brass plaque with the letteing cut into the metal and paint filled with black enamel.

Engraving stainless steel plaque with black paint fill

Engraved marine grade stainless steel memorial plauqe with black enamel colour filled lettering.

Engraving a cylindrical shaped item

We can also engrave cylindrical shaped items. This photo shows usage instructions being engraved onto a round steel machinery component.

Engraving black anodised aluminium

Making a replacement speedometer dial for a vintage car from black anodised aluminium.

Laser engraved industrial sign

Durablack industrial metal sign panels, corrosion resistant. Can be laser engraved with very fine detail.

Laser engraving can produce very fine detail onto stainless steel

Laser engraving can produce very fine detail onto stainless steel.

Engraved brass cap

Engraving on the end of a brass machinery component.

Surface etched and painted metal bin lid

Surface etched and painted text on a metal garbage bin lid.


Labels & Signs

Engraved labels and signs add a professional touch to any project. Labels have 101 uses to identify electrical components & switchboards, control panels, compliance plates, serial numbers, contact details, owner name, room names, team or company logo, workshops, clubs & pubs, restricted areas, storage areas, etc.......

Labels and signs can be produced in a variety of materials such as various metals or plastic, colours and shapes, and can also be supplied with self adhesive on the back. Different materials are also available for indoor and outdoor use.

Contact us with your requirements and we'll be happy to provide a recommendation on the best material and prices.

Custom made industrial labels made from metal or plastic

We keep a large variety of materials in stock and using different engraving techniques can produce a variety of finishes.

Engraving machine making signs

Our computer operated machines can be setup to produce individual items, or bulk orders, and produce a perfect finish every time.

Engraved brass labels are corrosion and abrasion resistant

Engraved brass utility labels can be custom made to your specific requirements. Engraved brass labels are corrosion and abrasion resistant.

Door sign showing a persons name

We stock a large range of office door signs. The above example shows a brushed gold name plate in a black aluminium frame. The name plate slides out of the frame if it needs to be changed.

Brushed aluminium colour sign - Staff Only

Brushed aluminum coloured sign panel "Staff Only" mounted on a black acrylic backing board. A simple design that looks professional. We can make these to any size with any wording.

Conference Room sign with a photo insert

Custom made meeting room sign with a brushed aluminium finish and photo engraved black metal insert.



We often get asked for Traffolyte labels as this was the common material used to manufacture engraved labels for many years. Genuine traffolyte was discontinued many years ago, and has been replaced by much larger range of modern engraving materials offering a much larger choice of colours and finishes. We still have a small quantity of genuine traffolyte in stock for anyone needing to match some older existing labels. However for most situations the new materials such as Rowmark, Gravoply or Trotec will provide the best solution. Best of all the new material still looks similar to the old traffolyte.


Etched Glass

We can etch glass for decoration, identity, trophies & special awards.

Etched glassware

Etched glassware looks very upmarket, is ideal for special events and also makes a great alternative to a trophy.

Engraved crystal trophies

Glass and crystal trophies can be custom engraved to suit any occasion or event.

Engraved glass vase

Glass gifts can be engraved with a personal message or theme.




Engraving can be used to make....

Machine control panels, block plans, labels and compliance plates
Signs for indoor and outdoor display
OH&S signage in offices, workshops, clubs or schools
Branding and security identification
Serial number engraving
Engraving on flat or round surfaces